A Tide of Tyres: Using Video to Better Visualise Change September 15, 2017 by Philip Lowney

Always eager to improve, here at SchemeStats I've been busily putting together new functionality to let us go back in time from schemes' live maps. Whilst the go-back functionality is still in development, it's sufficiently far along to do something, ahem, 'cool': Create time-lapse videos!

You'll find the results of my initial experiment with video production below. They're created by stitching together images of the browser for each minute over the course of a day (5AM-Midnight) into a single video. The day displayed is Thursday August 14th. The 3D view is given pride of place, with the 2D view super-imposed to give a less subjective angle on the data.

Stay tuned for much longer time-lapse videos of every scheme on the island in the next couple of weeks. I hope the community finds these helpful. Don't forget you can follow updates via Facebook & Twitter.





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