Dashing Dublin: Animating One Week in February March 03, 2020 by Philip Lowney

The recent launch of the Dashboard feature on SchemeStats has opened the possibility of a new kind of time-lapse animation, using much the same technique as earlier when we animated the 3D map.

Below is a time-lapse animation of 1 week in Dublin, ranging from Monday February 10th to Sunday February 16th. Rendered at 15 frames per second, each frame represents 5 minutes of elapsed time.

The animation once again illustrates the lessons gleaned from earlier (and earlier) analyses of the Dublin bikes scheme undertaken here:

  • There is a daily triple-peak of activity during the week, indicating heavy use by commuters and those doing lunch errands.
  • The scheme is used to capacity in the mornings and evenings, with stations left empty towards the tail fo the commuting period - note the Station Population panel oscillating.
  • Weekends are quieter, with a gradual, disbursed rise and fall in activity on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The axis of commuting runs from the Northwest to the Southeast, with the target of commuter journeys being centred somewhere in the Merrion Square area.
  • The stations in the area of Heuston rail station are used extensively by commuters in the mornings and evenings, indicating people are benefiting from bikes on multi-mode commutes. Combined with the general axis of commuting, this indicates that many users of the scheme stand to benefit significantly from the recently-announced provision of barriers along the much of quays as a step towards a Liffey Cycle Route.